VW4 Short Stories

VW4 Short Stories
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VW4 Short Stories

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A short story usually:
focuses on one incident
has a single plot/setting
a small number of characters
covers a short period of time

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A character is the representation of a person in a story. Two important characters in many stories are:

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What kind of genres are there?

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What can you tell about the "theme" of a short story?

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What elements of "setting" may be included in a short story?

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Narration or Point of view
  • The narrator is the person or other character who is telling us the story. 
  • Usually it is clear who the narrator is. 
  • Different narration types

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First person or I-narrative
  • it is told from a particular character's point of view, as they are experiencing it themselves 
  • Usually you don't get the perspectives of other characters. 
  • Uses first person pronouns (I, we, me, us) 

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Third person narrative
  • Tells the story using third person pronouns (they, he, she) 
  • Usually narrated by an outsider, someone who doesn't appear in the story. 
  • Most commonly used

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Short story 1
The Snip by Tony Dickenson 

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