Iron man lesson 5

Make your own newsbroadcast
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Make your own newsbroadcast

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Look at different styles
Who are your audience/what is your purpose?
Create your broadcast
Present your broadcast

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Who are your audience?
What do your audience know about content and vocabulary
Tone - how do you feel about it? What do you want your audience to feel?

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What kind of language would you find here?
Report about fashion
Report about war
Report about corona
Report about fluffy animals
Report about Willem-Alexander

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What are these examples?
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Hiya everyone,
The Prime Minister is not in agreement with latest measures
Don't you know what a big fashion mistake would be?
We wish you a pleasant evening
Bye bye!

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Your assignment
  • In groups of three
  • You have 25 minutes
  • Create a news broadcast about a part of the Iron man story
  • The broadcast should be between 1-1,5 minutes long
  • Think of audience and purpose - including language
  • You will have a written assignment to do on Iron man in test week - this will help you prepare.

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