Period 2 lesson 2 A2 unit 3B Too much stuff

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Unit 3: lesson 2 Too muchj stuff

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Ss learn have got to describe possession. The context is a reading where they read an article about clutter. This leads into the grammar, where Ss also practise sentence stress. Ss then learn common adjectives, which they use to describe objects.
To start
Think of an object that is important to you and why?

Decribe your object to each other (in small groups)

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If you can, bring in an object from home that you really like. Show it to the class and describe when and how you got it, and why it’s important to you. 
Give Ss a minute or two to think of an object that’s important to them and why, then put them in small groups to describe it to each other.
Our goal today
You are going to read about how to 'say goodbye' to too much stuff.

You are going to talk about and decribe objects in your home.

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3B Home
1A Speaking about clutter (a lot of things scattered in a place in an untidy way). 1B reading. Give example, you don't need 2 pairs of sunglasse. DYSLEXIA play the recording. ANSWERS: the jumper = something that you don't really like. The kitchen appliance in it's box = something that you never use. 
2A, 2D read the text of 1B again. 

6A, 6B vocabulary, adjectives. Work alone. 
6D speaking (see picture this slide).

EXTRA energizer, NEXT SLIDE, close laptop.
7A, 7B Speaking NEXT SLIDE, close laptop.

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Find someone who has got:

Have you got a bicycle?
Tell us about what someone has got. Don’t say the name. We'll guess who.
A: She's got some coins in her bag.
B: Is it Petra?
A: No, it's Dominique.

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Optioneel energizer exercise 5.
Goals of this class

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To finish
Do you think you'll say goodbye to any 'clutter' 
at home after this lesson?

Discuss in pairs.

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The lesson ends with a speaking activity in pairs, in which they talk about objects that are important to them.
- Online practice 3b

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Do we have time for dessert?

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