Learner Language Development

Language Learner Development
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Foreign language2nd,3rd Grade

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Language Learner Development

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What does interlanguage refer to? Do you agree with the idea of
interlanguage in learner language development? Why or why not?

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The Term Interlanguage
Selinker (1972) began the term "interlanguage" to refer to the immediate state of a learners' linguistic system as it progresses  toward L2

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Characteristics of Interlanguage
  • Changes frequently, 
  • Based on the rules(rules are created based on intake) of the L1
  • The rules are applied broadly

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The Term Interlanguage
The term interlanguage was identified to recognize that L2 learners construct a lingustic system that draws, in part, on the learner's L1 but is also different from it and also from the target language. A learner's interlanguage is , therefore a unique linguistic system.

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So do you agree with the idea of interlanguage in learner language developments?

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I Do AgreeūüėćūüėćūüėćūüėČūüėÜ

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Do you agree? Hmmmūü§Ē

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  • youtube.com(video in presentation)
  • https://www.slideshare.net/ahmedhussein192/4-learner-language-interlanguage

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