Deaf Education

 Deaf Education, Cities
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American Sign Language9th Grade

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 Deaf Education, Cities

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Gallaudet Continued
Let's take a tour of Gallaudet campus. Watch a couple of the building that they talk about and write what you found interesting in your ASL notebook or on your desk. There will be a slide after asking you to write what you learned. 

You need to go through this to answer the questions in your graphic organizer!

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What did you find interesting about GU ?

Slide 5 - Open question

Who signed the charter for GU?

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Can hearing people attend GU? Explain

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What event made GU well known in the hearing world?

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Deaf Schools

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Name Deaf Schools

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What do you think mainstream means?

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What is the difference between a school for the Deaf and a mainstream school?

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What is WHS?
School for the Deaf

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What is Gallaudet University?
School for the Deaf

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Write similarities and differences from your schooling.
Pick out things we have learned about Deaf culture from this video.

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What does mainstream mean?

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What is manual method?

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We will watch this next class

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