Unforgotten Coat

Put the video on and read the story from page 48 

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Put the video on and read the story from page 48 

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What is Own Clothes Day? What were you supposed to do? ( page 49)

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Why did Chingis ask Julie to swap her clothes with Nergui's coat? ( page 51_

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page 52. What did Chingis tell the class about his country?
Write down three things he mentions


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10. What is an ovoo, and what is it supposed to do?

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( Go to page 54) When Julie and her mother go to Chingis’s apartment to return his coat, what does Julie expect to find? What happens instead? Did you expect this to happen?

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When Julie goes through Chingis’s coat pockets, what does she find?( Page 64)

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What do the items she finds make her realize about the photographs?

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Page 76
Chingis said: "A lot of people just vanish. Practically everyone we know vanished. That's why we had to leave home - because people kept vanishing."
What do you think Chingis means by this?

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. When Julie leads Chingis and Nergui back to their apartment from the beach, why does Chingis say Julie has cheated them?

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