3.4 New York

What are we going to do today?
- Today's goals
- Recap grammar
- What have you learned this lesson
- Homework

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What are we going to do today?
- Today's goals
- Recap grammar
- What have you learned this lesson
- Homework

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Today's goals
- I am able to use the present simple.
- I am able to read short texts

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Present simple

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Zij loopt naar school.

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Ik voel mij niet zo goed.

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Ik voel me geweldig!

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Ik ben een vrolijk persoon. ( geen afkorting)

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Mijn leraar is erg humeurig.

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Ik hoop dat je een leuke vakantie hebt.

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Go to All Right.
Go to exercise 9.

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Staten island
- Second richest borough in New York
- It has 170 parks
- Staten Island Ferry wasn't always free
- The name “Staten Island” comes from the Dutch legislature.
- A flock of wild turkeys terrorized locals so much, the birds had to be moved upstate.

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 Coney Island
Brooklyn Bridge
Best New York pizza
 Brooklyn’s official motto is “Een Draght Mackt Maght.” This translates from early Dutch to, “Unity makes strength.”

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The Bronx
The Bronx contains the largest park in NYC
The Bronx is the site of the original Hall of Fame
The Bronx has the highest rate of poverty in New York City

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Queens is named after an actual queen
The borough's most spooky cemetery is also the final resting place of a famed magician
The world's first road made specifically for cars was paved in Queens

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- Manhattan could be holding 25 percent of the world’s gold reserve
- A man once drunkenly stole a plane and landed it in the middle of Manhattan in front of the bar he had been drinking at. Two years later he did it again because someone doubted 
he had done it the first time.

- A hot-dog stand outside Central Park Zoo pays $289,500 
annually just for the space

- Purchased by Dutch colonists from Native Americans in 1626 for the equivalent of $1050 (in 2014), Manhattan real estate has since become among the most expensive in the world, with the value of Manhattan Island, including real estate is estimated to exceed US$3 trillion in 2013. 

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central park

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What have you learned this lesson?

Slide 18 - Mind map

Do: Finish 3.4 Speaking.
Learn: Words lesson 3

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Wordcross puzzle:

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