Ahimsa Chapter 6-10

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Expected Learning Outcome
1) We will read chapter 6-10 of novel Ahimsa.
2) We will process our learning of each chapter through some questions related to it.

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Chapter- 6
After listening to Anasuya Anjali started thinking, what is Khadi and what did Suman had to do with any of this? Anjali didn't wanted to be laughed at more so she ran to her home. As Anjali entered her house main gate she saw her mother waiting for her. Anjali asked "What's going on?"

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 Her mother said "We're going to begin joining our countrymen in their fight by doing something special, and we want you to take part. She was very confused.  She entered their compound to see a pile of her mother's elegant sari's and Baba's shirts and pants lying on a cot on the porch. She thought her parents were donating them to the untouchables like Mohan, as her father has given his old shirts to Mohan in the past too but never Ma's sari's and even those clothes did not look old too. She also recognized her father's new kurta-pajama which he got for his birthday and liked it a lot.

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  Even her mother was holding her gorgeous red wedding sari. Ma asked Anjali to get every-one of her ghagra-cholis which they bought from the city. Anjali totally confused ran to her room, she opened her wooden armoire. She took out her exquisite dresses. Then she saw her beautiful saffron ghagra-choli she had worn the day before, her Diwali present. She didn't want Ma to donate all her clothes so she folded that saffron ghagra-choli and hid it under her mattress. She ran to the yard where Ma was standing holding her sari's and Baba's clothes.Her mother dropped the clothes on the ground and asked Anjali to do the same.

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She saw those expensive clothes on the floor and clutched her one's tightly. "How can we put our clothes on the ground where people chewing paan spat red saliva out on the road." Her mother explained her that these clothes were made with cotton of India but the British spun it in England and sold to us at very high rates, for making India- Free India we first need to only buy homespun clothes and get rid of these garments that enslave us. Anjali thought of Anasuya's simple clothes, she had started wearing them after her father joined the freedom movement. Anjali assumed that this was the reason for anasuya's poor life and simple clothes. 

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" Anjali's father said as he entered the yard, "Don't worry Anjali, you still have your school uniforms and home dresses." But he stopped when he saw the other clothes on the floor and asked to Ma about it. He asked "How will we give them to the poor now? "Anjali's mother replied that "If we give them to the poor there will be still people wearing them and walking around in foreign spun clothes. So the British will win. " Ma lit a match and dropped it into the clothes. Anjali stood frozen in shock as her mother's wedding sari went up in flames."What have you done? " asked baba trying to kick down the flames. 

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"I am sorry, but it was the only way." said ma. After that she turned to Anjali "It's your turn, C'mon." Anjali shooked her head but Ma encouraged her so she unwillingly threw her clothes too in the fire. Anjali ran away from her parents and headed straight towards her cow shed to Nandini. Anjali hugged Nandini and broke down. Tears filled Anjali's eyes and Nandini's eyes too, as it was told before they both had a connection. Being concerned the cow nuzzled Anjali, rubbing her chin on Anjali's face.

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Was Anjali and her Father supporting her Mother in Burning the clothes?
Yes, of course!

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What did people spat out on the road?
Waste things
Chewing Gums
Red saliva after eating paan

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What was Anjali's Diwali present?
Purple Ghagra Choli
New Ribbons to Tie her Choti's
Saffron Ghagra choli
Top And jeans

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Why did Anjali ran from Anasuya's house?
She didn't wanted to be laughed at more
She was hungry and wanted to eat food
Anasuya was beating her
Irfaan came to call her

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Why was Anjali's mother waiting for her when she came back home?
She was late so her mother got worried
They had to go to a fair and Anjali also had to go with them
There was a tailor at home and wanted her size for a new dress
They were going to begin joining our countrymen in their fight by doing something special and Anjali had to take part in it

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Why did Anjali's mother want to burn the clothes instead of donating them?

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Chapter- 7
One day after school when Anjali arrives home she discovered her parents burnt all their foreign-made clothing. Anjali is also made to burn all of her beautiful ghagra-cholis, which makes her both sad and angry at her mother. Instead of wearing British-made exquisite clothing, Anjali and her family will wear Indian-made cotton clothing moving forward .

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She was wondering what would be the reaction of other children when she would have to wear ugly home spun cotton clothes for Diwali. The next day she went to school but was unable to focus much over lessons as her mind was still thinking of her burnt clothes. Burning of clothes wasn’t enough Anjali thought, when her mother shows up at school the next day to teach her classmates how to spin cloth using charkha. While spinning the charkha her mother was facing difficulties and thread got tangled. At first Anjali is ashamed but then when her mother pricks her finger she steps up to help.

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When Anjali's mother was spinning the Charkha in the school, how was Anjali feeling?
Very Happy

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What did Anjali's parents burn?
Old Newspapers
foreign-made clothing
household waste

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What will Anjali and her family wear instead of wearing British-made exquisite clothing?
Indian-made cotton clothing
Western clothes like jeans

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Anjali was thinking about dress she would have to wear on-
Independence Day

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Why was Anjali not able to concentrate on her lessons the next day in school?
She was unwell
She was thinking of her burnt clothes
She was worried for her mother joining the freedom movement

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Was Anjali happy of getting rid of the garments that enslaved them, if not then what was she thinking and was she correct?

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Chapter- 8
A month had passed since Anjali's mother had begun spinning. She had gotten quite good at it and said it was as calming as meditation. Anjali's mother spin for an hour daily. She have bought at a store in the buisness district that only sold homespun goods. The rougher fabric took some time getting used to, but the ghagra-choli actually looked nice. Anjali glared at the perpetrator. “Irfaan...”

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He smelled faintly like copper, the way boys always smelled to Anjali when they had been running under the hot sun, and had an armful of bananas. Irfaan’s mother had been died years ago due to smallpox which had also killed chachaji’s wife and son. The sounds of the muezzin’s loud voice echoed as he announced the Adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, from the nearby mosque.  I have to run said Irfaan. In the kitchen Anjali's mother sat before their two foot-ball carved wooden temple, dressed in her white khadi sari, palms together as she chanted her morning prayers. But They were disturbed by chachaji's loud voice.

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At the backyard anjali saw chachaji yelling on Mohan. The scrawny teenager was holding a broom made of long, dried stems that had been bundled together at the top in makeshift handle and large metal container for collecting excrement that he would carry away on his head. Mohan was their toilet cleaner.
Mohan swooped the metal container onto his head and raced off the property, dropping his broom in his hurry.Anjali's mother took the broom of Mohan and started cleaning with it. Are you going to get sick? Said Anjali with worry that her mother would get smallpox just like Irfaan's mother. Don't be silly, Anju. Said Anjali's mother.
It is so wrong, why untouchables always clean our toilet ? 

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 It is so wrong, why untouchables always clean our toilet ? Asked Anjali, Her mother shook her head. Because your father and I didn't think to challenge the status quo. We were wrong too. But we won't make that mistake again. If all Indians can't be equal in one others eyes, how can we blame the British for considering themselves better than us? Anjali's mother wiped her brow. Come with me tonight. You'll never think this way again. But as she watched her mother's pure white homespun sari get stained with filth, all Anjali could think was the waste of weeks of their hard work.

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How did boys smell to Anjali after running a lot in the hot sun?
Like roses
Like wet mud
Faintly like copper
Like peppermint

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Which disease killed chachaji's wife, son and Irfaan's mother?

Slide 28 - Quiz

Who was Mohan?
Anjali's friend
Toilet cleaner
Chachaji's Relative
Anjali's Teacher

Slide 29 - Quiz

What did Anjali's mother taught Anjali about not discriminating with Untouchables?

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Chapter- 9
As the time for the meeting neared, Anjali’s excitement grew and grew. When her mother went to Anjali’s uncle, he was busy in a game of solitaire. Anjali’s mother told him that he could eat dinner whenever he wished to and that she and Anjali were going out for some work. The uncle told them a story. A story that made him feel that standing up for someone facing discrimination always results in failure. 

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He told that in his childhood, he too loved cows as much as Anjali loved. In his neighborhood, there was a man who raised cows for milk. Whenever a male cow took birth he killed it. As a male calf could not give birth to other cows in the future, he thought they were useless, and killing them is much easier than rearing and feeding them for no reason.  Anjali’s uncle didn’t like this. So, when the next male calf took birth in the shed, he stole it. He worked hard for the calf and fed it with milk. But, the man found him.

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 He snatched the calf from him and killed it right in front of Anjali’s uncle. Anjali was so worried about the story that she hid behind her mother. Anjali’s mother asked the uncle why he was telling them that story. He replied that Anjali and her mother should listen to this as this happens when you try to stand against a wrong thing or a wrong act.  Later, after hearing the story, Anjali and her mother went off for the meeting on a rickshaw. On the way, Anjali and her mother both shouted ‘QUIT INDIA’.

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The rickshaw driver peddled as fast as he could to cross Captain Brent’s street. At last, they stopped at a khadi shop. They climbed up 4 floors to reach a small room with numerous freedom fighters. The mother told that this was the place where she had been teaching spinning. Before the start of the speech, Anjali advised that if the Harijan Children(children of the god) were similar to her and her friends, then they also deserved education. This was a brilliant idea which she had suggested and then Mr. Keshavji started his speech. He said that every bit of the freedom struggle makes a difference.

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After all, a pot fills up with every single drop of water falling into it. He stated that social reforms and civil disobedience must go hand in hand. He promised that these small efforts would lead us definitely to freedom. After the speech got over, Anjali asked her mother who Keshavji was. Her mother told her that Keshavji Parmar studied law in London. He stayed in Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram helping the Indian National Congress to come up with legislation and to Anjali’s surprise, he was a Harijan.

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What did the man do when a male cow was born?
He raised and fed them
He gave them up to an animal adoption center
He killed them

Slide 36 - Quiz

Why did the man kill the male cows?
Because he didn't have enough money to raise them
Because they can't give birth
Because he got paid to kill them

Slide 37 - Quiz

What did the story make Anjali's uncle feel?
That standing up for someone facing discrimination always results in failure
Standing up for someone facing discrimination always results in success
That we should always stand up for someone facing discrimination whether it is a success or a failure.

Slide 38 - Quiz

Do you think Anjali's uncle did the right thing by stealing the male calf?

Slide 39 - Open question

Chapter- 10
It was diwali time anjali's favourite holidays for, diwali was a break from school and spent time with family eating laughing ,singing playing etc. Anjal asked  her mom "Where does keshavji lived,in another Harijan basti? " mother answered "His home is in a business district ,Do you live in the brahim basti in the river?" no anjali answered by shooking her head mother said "Like that not every harjin lives in a basti not every brahimin lives in a bungalow.

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Keshavji house is near the  shop where our meeting was held. Anjali loved staring at the painting on the door especially the right corner, where peacocks frolicked along the lush green riverbank. People wore their best clothes for diwali. Anjali parents gave her a teal ghagra from the khadi shop. It wasn't as fancy as the clothes she wore on past diwali's but still she loved it and proud to wear something made in her own land, by indian hands. Anjali's mother spent the morning making a large batch of savory, namkeen, fried flour with carom seeds.

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 She worked all afternoon making trays of sweets. Anjali's mother said to give the parsad to her father and chachaji. The last day of diwali celebrated was Anjali's favourite. It was a day of  celebrating the bond between brother and sisters. Sister would give their brother sweets and in return, their brothers would give them presents and promise to take care of their sisters. Ma handed Anjali one of the two prasad trays as they headed into the hall. Anjali gave a ladoo to her father and bowed to him in pranaam.

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She then put the ladoo in front of chahaji, who was busy reading newspaper Chachaji shook his head anjali asked "What's wrong? He  replied "I don't want to eat anything that's going...to them. "Why? Do you even think they are polluting it from a distance before they even see it" said anjali. Anjali's father said gently "It's Diwali now is not the right time for arguments." "Fine." Anjali picked the tray up and turned her back on chahaji "Don't eat it. More for them" skipping her bow to chachaji, she headed out her tray. "Anju you have to be more patient. Some people need more time."

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 Said mother in anjali's ear. Suman and Lakshmi auntie were right in the front of their house.Who are the lucky people? Getting so many sweets?" asked Lakshmi auntie. "The harijans." answered ma. Lakshmi auntie's face dropped as she gave ma the coldest of stares. "And some people will never change no matter how much time you give to them," said Anjali, as the trio headed for the Mohan's basti.

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Where did Keshaji lived?
Harijan Basti
Bungalow near Anjali's house
With Mohan
Business District

Slide 45 - Quiz

Which day of Diwali Anajali liked the most?
3rd day
First day
Last day
4th day

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Who went to Mohan's Basti for giving sweets?
Anjali, Anjali's mother and Irfaan
Anjali and Irfaan
Anjali's mother and Keshavji
Irfaan and Keshavji

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Why was the last day of Diwali Anjali's favourite?

Slide 48 - Open question

Success Criteria:-
How well did you understand the chapter's 6-10 of Ahimsa novel?
Very nicely, I don't need any help
Nicely, I understood just need to read the chapter once more.
No, I need help

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