Pakistan and its People

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What kind of food is eaten in your

Slide 2 - Open question

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How important is it to know about the culture of the place you live in?
because it shapes our personality.
because it is fun to know.
because culture is changing.
so that we will not change it.

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What are the different aspects of culture?

Slide 6 - Open question

Slide 7 - Video

How does culture of a place or people diffuse or change?

Slide 8 - Open question

Pair Work
Work in pairs and answer the following questions on google docs:
Q1.What are the few things that can help to identify the culture of a region?
Q2.Why are schools considered a good example of cultural diversity?

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Group work
Work in your group and find out where you can see cultural diffusion in your surroundings.
Make a 3 slide presentation to show cultural diffusion or changes. (Use canva or powerpoint)
Write down the names of your group members too.

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