Y1 S4 lesson on numbers year 1

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where do you use numbers?

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there are two kinds of numbers. Do you know which two kinds?
ordinary and extraordinary numbers
cardinal and ordinal numbers
plain and special numbers
there are no two kinds of numbers, Jeroen! What were you thinking?!

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So we have cardinals and ordinals. 

we use cardinals for counting
one, two, three, four...

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So we have cardinals and ordinals. 

we use ordinals when we want to give order to things.
first, second, third, fourth...

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Twenty-first century
he came in second place
The simpsons are on channel nine
world war two lasted more then five years
The steamengine was invented in the nineteenth century
You are in first grade. 
most of you are twelve years old
The first world war lasted from nineteenfourteen to nineteeneighteen

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to make an ordinal number out of a cardinal there are some rules you simply need to learn:
1: one turns into first (or 1st).
2: two turns into second (or 2nd).
3: three turns into third (or 3rd)
from here it gets easier.
4: four turns into fourth (or 4th)

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A few things that you must remember!

 You need to use a hyphen between the decimal and the numeral as soon as you pass twenty.

for cardinals:
so 21 is written as twenty-one, 22 is written as twenty-two etc.
for ordinals:
21st is written as twenty-first, 22nd is written as twenty-second, 23rd is written as twenty-third etc.

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one more thing...
when you come to the hundreds or even thousands you spell them as if you count the hundreds/thousands/millions.
Like so:
(one) hundred, two hundred, five thousand, ten million etc.
(note that there's no hyphen!)

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What number is spelled correctly?
My father is fifty-five years old.
Mum celebrated her fiftysecond birthday.
Her brother got his seventh birthdaycard.
Grandma has eightytwo candles on her birthdaycake

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when do you need to use a hyphen (een streepje) between numbers
Between the first and the second letter.
Above twenty, between the decimal and the numeral.
Only with ordinal numbers
When cardinals are spelled wrong.

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How old is Jeroen?
He is forty one years old.
He is forty-two but he feels as if he were twenty-seven.
He pretends to be young but is really, really old.
He is only thirtynine years old.

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