Of Course! Victorian Literature

English for 6VWO
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English for 6VWO

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Study planner

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FU 101-110
proficiency   prospective    inexhaustible    fatigued

                    constitution    convalesce    strenuous    elaborate

indulge    spendthrift    complacency    mould    renowned

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FU 111-120
-What do you experience as a major impediment right now?

-Which rule do you prefer not to conform with?

-Have you ever experienced the infinite in the finite?

-Is there anything you ought to repent of?

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FU 111-120
-Whose proximity would you find hard to bear?

-What is the most momentous decision you've ever taken?

-What is for you a prime example of cowardice?

-Do you harbour any grievances against any of your teachers?

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Guiding Question
What is dramatic monologue and how does Robert Browning use it successfully in his poem, "My Last Duchess"?

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Dramatic monologue
*a poem written in the form of a speech of an individual character

*it narrates a single vivid scene

*the reader has to piece together the complexity of the speaker's character from the latter's casual remarks and digressions.

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*   Duke of Ferrara

*   Duchess of Ferrara

*   Brother Pandolf

*   The Count's Envoy

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