Unit 3 mock test

Phones and earbuds in bags, bags on the rack
You will only need your laptop today :)
Please sit down &
Get ready for the opening of the day
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This lesson contains 20 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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Phones and earbuds in bags, bags on the rack
You will only need your laptop today :)
Please sit down &
Get ready for the opening of the day

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to an online les! 
How are you today? Tell me in the chat :) 

<-- what do these mean in English? Who can translate these for your English teacher?

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Class rules
Try to speak as much English as you can
Be nice to and respect each other
Listen to the speaker in silence
Raise your hand if have something to say
Help each other when working independently
Hey Hey --> Ho Ho!

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1. Opening of the Day
2. Learning Goals
3. Recap of 3.2 & 3.5
4. Mock test

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By the end of this lesson
I know what the Unit 3 test looks like
I know which paragraphs I still need to study before the test on Friday

First: a quick recap of present simple vs present continuous

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Present Simple
WHAT: Tegenwoordige tijd. 

WHEN: If something happens always or you're talking about regularities, habits, or schedules.

HOW: I, you, we, they verb
HOW: he, she, it verb +s/es/ies

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Present Continuous
WHAT: Tegenwoordige tijd: aan het doen

WHEN: If something is happening now

HOW: I am verb+ing
HOW: you, we, they are verb+ing
HOW: he, she, it is verb+ing

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Did you do any studying / reviewing over the weekend? Tell me via the chat
Yes - both online EnglishLab and student book
Yes - only on EnglishLab
Yes - only from the student book
Only the vocabulary
Does watching Netflix count? :)

Slide 8 - Poll

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Mock test
You will see the assignments on your screen. 
Write down your answers on a piece of paper.
When ready, I will show you the answers/example sentences.
Not sure about your sentence? Ask me :)

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Write 4 sentences:
two about something that always happens
two about something happening now.

Slide 11 - Open question

Practice the vocabulary using

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Breakout Room Speaking
- Last week, I asked you to find a photo that you could describe
- In your groups, share your photo and everybody has to create 1 sentence that describes part of the photo - Use the SPEAKING FOCUS in your book: p. 43

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  • 1. architect        2. leraar          3. thuiswerken
  • 4. koffie zetten        5. vrijwilligerswerk doen
  • 6. colleague              7. factory           8. health
  • 9. meet people        10. holiday job

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Assessment 3.2 & 3.6
On the next slide, you will see 4 different pictures.
Describe the people’s actions in the pictures. One picture per sentence. 
Use the present continuous.

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  • This girl is cycling to school.                                      She is calling her friend.
  • They are swimming in a pool.                                    Tom is driving to work.

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Assessment 3.5
Write 4 sentences about this picture.
In 2 sentences, describe what normally happens in school.
In 2 sentences, describe what is happening at this moment.
Use the present simple or present continuous.
  • We have 3 English lessons every week.
  • We use laptops and books in class.

  • The teacher is explaining the rules.
  • The students are not listening.

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Assessment 3.7: Write a short email to someone in the class via Magister/Teams. You can CC me too :)
- ask me if I can help you
   organise a party
- use the information
   in the box
- be polite! 
- use 40-50 words
- finished? 
--> give each other feedback

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How do you feel about the unit test now?
Tell me what are you still going to practice and how.

Slide 19 - Poll

Friday 1st lesson activity before the test
Any guesses?
Make sure to bring your English book to read after the test
Online dice
Docs Activity Sheet

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