Lesson plan for the 7 grade pupils

Bakish Aigerim
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Lesson plan for the 7 grade pupils

Bakish Aigerim

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What do you see on the video?

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Do we use it in our everyday life?

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Is it useful for people?

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What are we going to talk about?

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Technology has revolutionized our daily lives by giving us access to amazing tools and resources. Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices which are faster, more portable, high-powered, and user-friendly. All these revolutions of technology have made our lives better, easier, faster, and more fulfilling. Technology has changed how we can entertain ourselves, interact with each other, and consume all types of information.

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Advantages of

Slide 9 - Mind map

Disadvantages of

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What advantages of computer do you know?

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Why have most large businesses become completely depended on computers?

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How do we use the e-mail?

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What disadvantages of computers do you know?

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Discussing time
What’s the difference in these pictures?
What should you do?

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Thank you for participating! Well done!

H/w: Create and present your new technology. Describe or draw it.

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