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Aim of Today's Lesson
by the end of class you know/can explain:
  • What a review is.
  • What type of reviews there are.
  • Why people write reviews.

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For your test you may need to write a review


Write a review about a product. Give a clear opinion:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Explain what your review is about
3. Give your opinion.
4 Explain why this is your opinion.
5 Write between 10-15 sentences. 

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What type of reviews are there?
Work in pairs and try to come up with as many types of reviews that you can think of

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What type of reviews are there?
  • Film reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Experience reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Written reviews
  • Spoken/verbal reviews
  • Video reviews

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Why do people write reviews?
Work in pairs and try to come up with as many reasons why you would write a positive/negative review about something.

Think of 
  • Games
  • Films
  • Experiences

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Why do people write reviews?

Slide 7 - Open question

Why do people write reviews?
  • To inform
  • To help others make a choice
  • To express feelings (positive/negative)
  • To help improve
  • To warn

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Layout of a review

  • Catchy title
  • 1st paragraph: introduction of the topic
  • 2nd/3rd paragraph: experience/opinion
  • 4th paragraph: recommendation and conclusion

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Product Review
Write a review about your product (don't break it)
  • Write down positive points
  • Write down negative points
  • Who is the product meant for (young people, old people, all ages)?
  • Would you recommend this product? Why/why not?

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Product Review
1. Give your review to another group

2. Check the review of the other group

3. Present the results

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What do you know about writing a review?

Slide 12 - Open question


  • Coming Monday
  • Exercise 1,3,6,7 t/m 10

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