Aussie slang

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Topic of today's lesson:

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What do you think is different in Australian English?

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In Australia they do speak differently, but Down Under they also use different sayings like..

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Go ahead, mate... try to translate the next sayings into British English

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No worries

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Spit the dummy

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Faffing around

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Woop woop

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Have a few kangaroos loose
in the top paddock

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and there is more....
Hey mate, stop faffing around and learn to speak like a native Aussie.

Abbreviate everything!

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  • take 5 English words and abbreviate those 5
  • fill them in on next slide
  • make sure you do not use any words already abbreviated in the video (so no servo, avo, vego,...)
  • have fun!

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fill in 5 abbri of English words

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Evaluation of lesson
I think this class
was fun and I did learn about Aussie slang
was fun but I did not learn anything
sucked, it was boring and I already knew this stuff

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