Lj 1 - Week 49 - Spirit Day / Paarse Vrijdag 2021

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A few rules for today's lesson as it deals with a subject which may be sensitive to some of you.
Absolutely no bullying.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but do ensure you give your opinion in a way which is respectful to others.

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Spirit Day 2021
(Paarse vrijdag; 10 december 2021)

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Spirit Day was started in 2010 by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan. It was created in response to a number of bullying-related suicides of gay school students in 2010. Brittany says she wants Spirit Day to make just one person feel a little bit better about him- or herself, to feel safe enough in their own skin to be proud of who they are.

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Spirit Day takes place every 3rd Thursday in October.

In the Netherlands, Paarse Vrijdag takes place every 2nd Friday in December.

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LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer

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In the Netherlands, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, no matter what your sexuality.

This is not true for many other countries...

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Have you ever called someone 'gay', or 'queer', or even 'different'? Maybe even just for a laugh, not because you meant something nasty?

If that person already felt 'different', it may not have come across as so innocent to them...

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In October 2010, during a regular Fort Worth city council meeting, Joel Burns spoke up for bullied LGBTQ teens.
Here is an extract of his speech...

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How does that video make you feel?
You can give as many answers as you like.

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Do you feel our school is a safe environment, with enough LGBTQ awareness and acceptance?
There is room for improvement

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What can teachers do to make school / their classrooms a safe environment for LGBTQ students?

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What can you, as students, do to ensure everyone feels safe and accepted at school?

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Have you ever thought about how hard it might be for someone to come out as LGBTQ?
They may feel safer hiding who they really are.

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How would you react if one of your classmates is brave enough to come out as LGBTQ?

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Let's take some advice from some older lesbian women...

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Is there anything you would like to add to or say about today's lesson?

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