Prepositions of time/place/direction

Prepositions of time/place/direction
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Prepositions of time/place/direction

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Prepositions of Time
In: jaren, maanden, eeuwen, seizoenen
In December, in 1990, in summer, in the 19th century
On: dagen, dag+dagdeel, datums
on Monday, on Tuesday morning, on the 11th
At: tijden, feestdagen, night, the weekend
at Christmas, at 3 a.m., at night, at the weekend
geen voorzetsel: next..., last..., this..., every...
every Tuesday, next week, last summer, this morning

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Prepositions of place
in: in een 'geslote' ruimte, stad, land
in France, in the classroom, in Paris
on: op een opppervlak, openbaar vervoer, straat
on the wall, on the roof, on the bus, on Bridge Street
at: op een specifieke locatie of adres
at school, at Downing Street nr. 10

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Prepositions of movement
across/over: overheen
onto: er op
into: er in
past: er voorbij
through: er doorheen

Zie deze link voor meer voorbeelden

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Exercise 1
Type only the correct preposition
when there are multiple answers: separate them with / and put them in alphabetical order

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The boys are ___ school.

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We are ___ the classroom.

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The boy climbed ___ the roof to get his ball.

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Go ___ this bridge to get to the other side.

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To get out of the building you have to go ___ the stairs.

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Go ___ the door on your right to leave the building.

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The girl was hiding ___ the cupboard.

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Exercise 2
Go to the websites and practice

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Exercise 3
Write a short text in which you use each type of preposition (time, place, direction/movement) at least 5 times.

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