Sole proprietorship and Partnership Part 2

Answer the question
What is a liability?
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Answer the question
What is a liability?

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Section 7.1
Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

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By the end of the lesson
Describe a DBA
Analyze the sources of liability for a business
Discuss on mediation and arbitration as alternative to court battle

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Watch the video

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What is a DBA?

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Which kind of businesses need a DBA?

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You can get a DBA from the government
offices in your ___________ location

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Sources of liability

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How could the type of
business an entrepreneur chooses affect his or her

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Why is the sole proprietorship the most popular
business form?

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Case Study
Create a list of issues that you think might cause disagreements in a business partnership. Pick one item from the list. Write three paragraphs: the first presenting one view of the issue, the second presenting the opposing view, and the third presenting the solution from a mediator’s point of view.

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Answer here

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What are the important points of the lesson?

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