Structural adaptations

What is one thing you remember from yesterday's lesson?
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What is one thing you remember from yesterday's lesson?

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Lesson objectives 
1.SWABT to differentiate between structural adaptation and behavioral adaptation.
2. SWABT to describe the different types of structural adaptations. 

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Please go back to teams without closing lesson up to watch the video teacher wants to show. 

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Write one thing you learned in the video?

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What is structural adaptations?
These are inherited changes to physical features and help an organism survive. 

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how does these adaptation help animals?
1. Some of these structural adaptation help animals live in certain enviornment like camel in desert.
2.Some help them to protect from predator eg chameleon changing colors.

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Is any coloring, pattern or shape that allow an organism to blend with its enviornment. 
1. It can help predators (hunters) to catch the prey.
2. It can help the prey to hide from the predator.

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Search an image of an animal that have camouflaged well in the environment?

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Animal is protected against the predator by its resemblance to a different animal or an object.

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How do you think camouflage is different than mimicry?

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