Shark meat.
Shark meat.
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Reading Comprehension8th Grade

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Shark meat.
Shark meat.

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Shark meat
Some sharks are caught for food, but most of them are thrown away.  If you go shopping for shark meat you will most like not read ‘shark’ on the label.  

Ask students:
“What names do you think shark meat is sold as?”

Indirect Characterization
This is when the author indirectly provides the reader with information about the character, encouraging the reader to use their imagination.
The reader is SHOWN

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Lets Frame it Out
1. Create an Introduction
Tell me what your essay is going to discuss with basic ideas and limited explination. 
Example: There are a lot of pros and cons based around the use of electronic. People use electronics for .... Sometime electronics can cause issues such as .... Tell the reader your stance on the topic in one sentence....

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Writing a short response
After reading the story, "Little Red Riding Hood", how can we tell this is a fractured fairy tale? What parts of the story give details to show you what kind of fairy tale this is? Give 2 pieces of text evidence to support your response. Make sure to use the highlighter method. Highlight each part of your short response to represent our method. Write your response on the google doc attached to  the assignment.

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Reading Fingerspelling
Reading someone's fingerspelling is not easy. It takes time to develop the skill. Everyone approaches fingerspelling differently. It takes practice, practice, and more practice. Here are a few suggestions.

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What are the pros and cons of electronics in todays society?

Write a 5 paragraph essay based on the question above and your approved rough draft. A paragraph should be 4-6 well writen sentences. I encourage you to read your essay at least twice looking for errors before submitting a final sumbission. 

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A story needs...
the development of the characters, which is known as characterization.  This is a process through which the author brings forth the nature, personality, and physical appearance of the characters for the readers' best understanding of them.

This is done in TWO ways:
direct characterization and indirect

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Turn and Talk
Read the following passage.  Which words directly show you Amaya's qualities?

When Amaya brought home a pet rabbit, her mother did not object.  She knew Amaya was a caring, responsible girl who would take excellent care of the animal.

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Literary Devices

techniques used by writers to create a special effect in their writing, to help readers understand on a more profound level

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Direct characterization
This is when the author directly and straight up tells the reader about the character's actual physical and mental traits.
The reader is TOLD

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"Little Red Riding Hood"
After going over the structure of the highlighter method, we can practice it by reading a fractured side of a story.

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