Tell Tale Heart

Tell Tale Heart
by Edgar Allan Poe

Made by: Steije, Lars en Brit
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Tell Tale Heart
by Edgar Allan Poe

Made by: Steije, Lars en Brit

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With the use of the next slides we will be analysing Tell Tale Heart.
Have your short story, answers to the study questions and pen and paper ready
Ask questions whenever you feel like it

we are going to start with the study questions 

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Question 1

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who is the narrator and what does he say about his senses?

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Question 2

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How does the old man bothers the narrator?
He has a golden eye and the narrator wants to steal it.
The old man has an eye patch which irritates the narrator.
The man has one eye made of glass and which reflects the light.
the man has one eye which looks like a mirror when looking in it.

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Question 3

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What does the narrator
do each night and why?

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Question 4

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why doesn't the narrator just kill the man during the day when the eye is open?

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Question 5

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the narrator sneaks in to the old man's room. For how many night does he do this?

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Question 6

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In what way has the narrator
murderd the old man?

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Question 7

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Why does the narrator wait till the eight night to commit the murder? why is the eight night so significant?

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Question 8

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How is irony used in the steps the narrator took before he killed the old man

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Question 9

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Why does the narrator no longer fear being caught?
He is so confident about his crime that he thinks he cant be caught.
He has burried the corpse far away from the city they live in.
His plan worked out so good because he has been so thougtful about his crime.

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Question 10

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What effect does the visit from
the police have on the narrator?

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Question 11

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Why does the narrator confess?

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Question 12

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What is the theme
in this short story?

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Question 13

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What is irony?

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Question 14

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Why is the following quote ironic?
"His room was a black as pitch with thick darkness (for the shutters were close fastened through fear of robbers), and so I knew that he could not see the opening of the door, and I kept pushing it steadily, steadily."
(at the end of the first page)

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Cito Questions

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what is the narrators strongest sense? And what does it allow him to do?

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The two controlling symbols in the story are the eye and the heart. What might these two symbols represent?

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What argument does the narrator present as to why he is not insane?

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How does Poe create tension and suspense in the story?

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What does the title "Tell tale heart" mean?

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This was our lesson!

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