The Journey of food

The Journey of Food
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The Journey of Food

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Expected Learning Outcomes
Recapitulation of the concepts learnt through Notebook work

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Children will attempt the Liveworksheet
Title : Healthy Habits 

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Children will attempt the Notebook work  
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The Journey of food
Digestive System and Excretory System

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Q1. Define the following terms

  1.  Digestion
  2. Urinary Bladder
  3. Bile 

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Q2. Correct the following statements

  1. Sweat is removed as waste from our urinary system
  2. Urethra holds urine in our urinary system until we urinate.
  3. Kidneys are a part of our Digestive system 

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Q3. Fill in the blanks:

1. The _____ (Tongue/Oesophagus) carries food broken in the mouth to the stomach
2. The _____ (saliva/gastric juice) produced in our mouth helps in the digestion of food.
3. The kidneys filter the _____ that carries toxins from different parts of the body. 

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Q4. Name all the parts of digestive system in the order in which digestion occurs. 

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Discussion of the Notebook work 

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Now, I can
Identify habits that are useful or harmful to our digestive health and excretory system
Propose ways to improve our digestion and maintain a healthy excretory system.
Yes I can
I need guidance
No I have doubts

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Home Fun
Read the complete chapter.

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