5.2 Day 1

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language art

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Say the words outloud

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Prefix  en-  and  ex-
en-  means "in"

ex-  means  "out"

They are opposites 

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Suffix  -en  and  -ic
-en  means "to make"

-ic  means  "having characteristics of"

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encounter- to meet briefly and unexpectedly 

entangled- wrapped or twisted together

enriching- improving the quality of

enjoyment- the act or condition of getting pleasure from something

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excavate- to dig out

exclude- to leave out

exclaim-  to cry out

export-  to send something out

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enlighten- to give knowledge or understanding

frighten- to make afraid

strengthen- to make stronger

awaken- to wake up

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generic-  having general characteristics of a whole group

metallic- having characteristics of metal

organic-  grown or made without artificial chemicals

strategic- the use of a plan to achieve a goal

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Use encounter in a sentence

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p. 468-469. How would you summarize Thomas Jefferson’s traits and personality?

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The final paragraph on p. 471 seems important. It describes the ideas and texts that Jefferson drew from while writing the Declaration of Independence. How would you summarize it?

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p.472. It seems things were not going well for American troops at this point in the war. How would you summarize the situation described in this paragraph?

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p. 473. Not every delegate and colony was for the Declaration at first. This seems like a problem. Did they need everyone to vote for it? How many delegates voted for complete independence on this page?

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p.474. We find out that all the delegates needed to vote yes. What two states agreed to change their vote for the Declaration of Independence?

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p.477. One issue caused debate. What did they have to remove from the Declaration to get a compromise?

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p. 480. The Declaration of Independence was read aloud in towns and to troops. One crowd toppled a golden statue of Britain’s King George. What did they do with this statue?

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Describe how the Declaration of Independence was written, approved and signed?
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft
  • Delegates revised the drafts
  • Delegates had to vote their approval
  • Only 9 votes yes at first, but finally everyone was persuaded
  • Then they debating and removed the anti-slavery part
  • They signed and distributed the Declaration 

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To make the selection more interesting and entertaining they added these parts:
  • Thomas Jefferson squirming in his chair when the delegates review his work
  • They added details about the weather.  This details show how uncomfortable they are.

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