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Road map
Warm-up clip: the plot
Explanation of the plot
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Road map
Warm-up clip: the plot
Explanation of the plot

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Plot = what happens in a story and how these events are told

Most stories have the same structure.

We use Freytag's Pyramid to describe the sequence of events:

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Freytag's Pyramid

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> the start of the story
> the protagonist is introduced
> the (main/first) setting is described
> something happens

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Rising Action
> events unfold

> things happen

> more problems

> more excitement

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> most exciting

> problems at max

> can't stop reading/ playing/watching

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Falling Action
> main problem is solved

> other (minor) problems are resolved

> questions are answered

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The they-lived-happily-

(ideally? perhaps not?)

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Write a paragraph of about 100 words about the plot of your novel. 

Incorporate the terms used to describe Freytag's pyramid:
Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement

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Looking ahead
Monday: work on website (upload what you've written so far)
Tuesday: work on presentation slides
Thursday: work on 'the hook' for the presentation

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