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How to write a review
In the lessons at home, you will work on writing a review. This might be boring at times, but it will help you later on! I'm sure of it.

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- What is a review?
- How do you write one?

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What is a review?

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A definition
A review is a report on something you like or don't like based on your opinion.

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Does the definition match your first answer?
Kind of

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What are things you can review?

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On the next slide, watch a video of someone explaining what a review is and answer the questions.

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If you don't know...
perceptive means oplettend

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Why is a short summary necessary?

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What are things you can talk about during the evaluation?

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What should be in the recommendation?

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The summary isn't very important, but in what kind of writing is it important?

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What is important when you are making a point?

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A review has an intro, a body and a conclusion. 
In the next exercise, match what should go where!

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catch reader's attention
book details

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When writing a review it's important to tell your opinion. But, just saying it was good or you liked it won't cut it.
In the next exercises, try to find other words to say the same thing!

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I liked the book.

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My favourite character was David because he was smart.

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The story was sad.

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Let's try reviewing
On the next slides, let's review this lesson.

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Intro: what are you going to review?

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Body: give a summary of this lesson

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Body/conclusion: what did you think of this lesson? (opinion and reasons)

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Conclusion: Would you recommend this lesson?

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Give this lesson a smiley (sorry, they don't have stars here)

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This was it...
... for now! Next online class, you will review the book we've read :)

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