Lesson Year 3: 6 - 1 - 2021

Welcome back!
English lesson year 3.

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EngelsMiddelbare schoolvmbo t, mavo, havoLeerjaar 3

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Welcome back!
English lesson year 3.

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The goal for today:
- You'll be introduced to chapter four.
- You'll know about different intonations.

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How has your holiday been?
And how are you feeling now, having to follow the lessons online?

Let each other know in a meme!

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Make your own meme about your holiday or the online lessons.
8 minutes to make one in English that you'll need to share.
Share it onto: 

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Chapter four: After School

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What do you think of when you hear:
After School? (1 minute)

Slide 6 - Open question

If you have any hobbies outside of school, what are they? (1 minute)

Slide 7 - Open question

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Have you ever wanted to pick up a new hobby?

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We're going to listen to Get a move on. Below are parts of the sentences from the audio file. Match the sentences to the tone of voice that fits. There are no pauses.
! Strategy: In this exercise, you will practise recognising intonation. Pay special attention to the speaker's tone. This may help you find out how the speakers are feeling or what they mean. 

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I'll just keep you awake with my singing.
Luckily he doesn't sing much at home.
OK, that sounds like ... fun. 
I think that must mean I'm quite good. 
You could put it like that.
We'd better get a move on!

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To sum up:
Which intonation is your favourite?

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You'll now work from home:
On ItsLearning you'll find the planner.
Do: A & B
Also start by learning the vocabulary of A & B!
Online or in your book?

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