Essay writing

What is an essay?
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What is an essay?

Slide 1 - Open question

Learning objectives
You can explain what an essay is. 
You can recognise a good structured essay.
You can write an five-paragraphed essay introduction, body and conclusion.
You can use the hamburger method. 
You can use linking words in your essay.
Research skills

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What are the elements that you need to include in your introduction?

Slide 3 - Open question

  • Lead-in about your topic
  • Background information
  • Introduce the research question

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Research question: 'What are the most effective things to relieve stress during the holidays in corona times?'
Write a short introduction of 5 sentences at least

Slide 5 - Open question

Body part of the essay

Slide 6 - Mind map

  • Answer the research question by using three different arguments. 
  • Three paragraphs 
  • Each paragraph should discuss the reason supporting your claim.
  • Sourcing! Read/use sources
  • Examples, quotes, etc.

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Task: sources
The topic of the essay in the test will be the Golden Age.
  1. Look up information about the Golden age.
  2. Highlight the important parts/ note down the important parts

Use the sourcelist in Teams  

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The Golden Age

Slide 9 - Mind map

The essay 

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What do you note down in your conclusion?

Slide 11 - Open question

  • Summarize your main points
  • Answer the research question
  • Close the essay

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Examples of linking words

Slide 14 - Open question

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