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The Roaring Twenties
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The Roaring Twenties

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Conflict of the Times
  • women's role in society and they're a newfound way of living life
  • Effects of Prohibition on American society
  • The resurgence of the KKK
  • Tradition Vs. modern science: The Scopes Trial

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Women in the 1920´s
Before this decade women were in the house most of the time and wore conservative clothes
The 1920´s women: ¨Flapper¨
  • wore more makeup, shorter hair and skirts 
  • worked outside of the house/ went to college
  • drove cars
  • went out to speakeasies

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The clash between women and themselves
  • women started living for themselbes rather than for their families 
  • this change shocked society as well, men were no longer needed in a womens live

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Womens Future
This era introduced the idea of a indepdent women; a female that worked and provided for herself.

The 19th amendment impowered women, this lead to countless protest and marches to ensure that we are equal to men. We contioue to fight this fight today. 

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Prohibition in America
18th amendment: bannd the sale and consumption of alcohol
  • speakeasies
  • increased crime in cities (gang rivalieres over ownership of the speakeasies)
  • corruption (policemen were bribed by gangsters to keep the illegal bars open)

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Prohibition Vs. Society
It backfired tremendously, it lead to more crime and gun violence. Creating more danger for the innocent poeple within cities.

This didnt have a postive effect on scoirty, the rivalaries between gangs still went on after this amendemnt was repealed in 1933.

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 The resurgence of the KKK
  • immigration (targeted anyone who wasn't white and thought that they were taking jobs away from whites)
  • Prohibition (most members opposed drinking so this made them feel empowered)

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KKK Vs. Society
The KKK attacked anyone that wasnt white, they killed and tortured innocent people. 

Created this  negative stigma in America against immigrants, when in reality we were all immigrants at one point so who are we to say someone cant come in our country. 

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Modern Science Vs. Tradition: Scopes Trial 
 John Scopes , a substitute teacher taught evolution which is banned in Tenesse because it contradicted the teachings of the Bible. He was  found guilty and fined $100.
A clash between our countries modern beliefs and old fashioned values , it was the first time a trial like this was brought to the state level. 

This trial represented how a public school would deal with national issues. Today public schools deal with issues such as gun control and social media. 

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Scopes Trial

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