HVG3-EN-2122 Theme 2 - week 46 domain

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- Remember the instruction?
- Understanding the story
- Write Netflix review

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What do you remember about writing reviews?

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Listen to the story, you can also read along using the attachment in the study guide

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Important words in the story "snow"

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Who is telling the story?

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What do we know about the circumstances of this person?

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What is the main character afraid of?

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What is the cause of confusion?

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Netflix review
Write your own review about Snow on the next slide. 
Use 50 words. (5 sentences minimum)
How many stars would you give this story? Explain

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Write your own review about "Snow"
Use 50 words.
How many stars would you give this story?

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What was easy about this assignment?

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What have you learned this lesson?

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What was difficult about this assignment?

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