How to teach grammar?

How to teach grammar?
Inductive / Deductive teaching
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How to teach grammar?
Inductive / Deductive teaching

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inductive grammar

deductive grammar

traditional language classrooms
trial and error
discovery questions
no explicit teaching
rules first
teacher provides examples

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inductive grammar
deductive grammar

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You want to teach the modal verbs; could and should.
What is a good way to start your lesson?
imagine you want to give personal information
I will teach you the verbs could and should
you will learn how to give someone advice
the modal verbs; could and should

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Which grammar do your pupils need to perform the language function "asking the way"?
past simple; questions
present simple; questions
present continuous; statements
present simple; statements

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Which communicative context would be most suitable to practice the comparative?
discussing which mobile Phone to buy
describing your house
offering someone help with a problem
asking for agreement

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What does the ERK (CEFR) indicate about grammar?

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Check the ERK, you will notice...
  • there is no explicit mention of use of grammar
  • there is some mention of the level of correctness of the language; this implies grammar, but only at the higher levels (from B1) (ERK; see "grammaticale correctheid")
  • At the more basic levels (A1 & A2) learners can rely heavily on basic structures that they have practised and are allowed to make mistakes.

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What does that mean for your teaching?
  • remember that grammar structures are a tool for communication
  • grammar structures should be practised (in use)
  • only teach what is needed at the language level of the learner (CEFR) and what is needed for lesson goals/ output
  • learners are allowed to make mistakes (that should not interfere with understanding)

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