Review writing

Writing a review
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Writing a review

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Wat denk jij dat een review is?

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Een recensie, ook wel aangeduid met de Engelse term review, is een (kritische) bespreking van een boek, film, televisieprogramma, computerspel, toneelvoorstelling, muziekuitvoering, enige andere culturele uiting, of een ander product of andere dienst.

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- Catchy title
- introduction
- analyze the book /film
- Share your opinion : like /dislike
-Make /draw a conclusion
- Give a recommendation

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OREO opinion writing
Tell your readers how you feel about something:
“In my opinion, I like ice cream”
Tell your readers why you feel that way:
“… because it is very delicious”
Give your readers examples:
“… because it comes in different flavours and it is very sweet.”
Summarize your opinion:
“Ice cream is very delicious, because it is sweet and it has a lot of flavours.”

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