chapter1 review

OCT 14, 2020
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Science Secondary Education

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OCT 14, 2020

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Recall newtons first law and terms associated with it
Recall newton's second law and terms associated with it 
Recall Newtons third law and terms associated with it 

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learn smart -activity 

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INTERPRET-In terms of these forces,explain why the feather falls slows rather than fast

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Apply - According to law of universal gravitation, is there a strong attraction between the Earth and elephant or the Earth and you? Why?

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Apply - why does the book on the desk does not move?

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Assess- A child pushes a box lid witha force 25 N, her friend pushes with a force 30N. The spring on the box lid pushes upward with a force 0f 60 N. Can the children close the lid?

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Critical thinking- How is it possible for a bicycle to have more momentum than a truck?

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Two things you loved about Newtons laws of motion

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