MLK Day 1/17/22

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Social Studies1st,3rd Grade

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Welcome to Todays Lesson!
How are you feeling today?

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Today is...?
January 17th 2022

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Todays Theme is MLK day ( Marth Luther King Jr Day)
1. Read 
2. Watch a Video
3. key words
4. fun facts
5. do an activity
6. QUIZ!!

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Lets Read !

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Todays Key Words
MLK( Martin Luther King )
Skin Color

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Fun Facts 
  • His birth name is not Martin his birth name was Michel.
  •  MLK starting going to college at 15 years old!
  • He was thrown in jail almost 30 times
  • His speech " I Have a Dream" was almost never heard.

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Where was MLK killed
MlK got shot at the Lorraine Motel on April 4th at 6:01pm and he officially died at 7:05 pm

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Rosa Parks
At the time black and white people were separated no one of a different color could do anything together. One black lady named Rosa Park got on a bus she sat next to a white person because there was no space left in the bus and she got sent to jail just because of that.

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Martin Luther King?
Rosa Parks?

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What was the name of the hotel where Martin Luther King was assassinated?
Lorraine Motel
Memphis Suites
Beach Bay Motel
Locust Hotel

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Who is Rosa Parks

Slide 12 - Open question

Did white people and black people get to go to the same school together?
Yes, but the school was split in half
No, but they ate lunch together

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Who got sent to jail because they sat next to a white person in a bus.
Rosa Parks
Who gave the speech " I have a dream"

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Write 3 key word we learned about today to get a sticker.

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Lets do a work sheet!

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