The industrial revolution - Les 2

Today's planning
- 3.1 What do you know?

- 3.2 The social issue
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Today's planning
- 3.1 What do you know?

- 3.2 The social issue

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1. What was the industrial Revolution?

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The Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial revolution manual labour was replaced by machines and caused a radical change. 

Explain this by using an example. 

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2. How did factory workers live?

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3.2 The social issue
Main questions:

1. How did labourers fight for a better life?
2. What is the meaning of capitalism and socialism?
3. What are social laws?

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3.2 The social issue
The industrial revolutions speeded up the production. But it also had a downside. 

The living conditions for the working people were very bad. 

Remember? Small houses, low wages, no sewer, child labour.....

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3.2 The social issue
The gap between rich and poor in the UK grows bigger because of the industrial revolution. Workers lived in poverty, and the factory owners got very rich. 

1 paycheck was not enough to support a whole family. So every familymember had to work, the children as well. 

Children did not go to school!

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3.2 The social issue
The factory owners were focussed on investing and profit. 
This economic system is called capitalism: focus on private ownership and making profit. 

Facory owners had a very comfortable life. Big houses, good food and the children did not have to work. 

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What now?

- Work on the assignments in your workbook

- Don't forget to hand in your summary before monday!

- Next lesson: more about 3.2: socialism and social laws. 

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