The war of the roses

The war of the roses 
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The war of the roses 

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This lesson: 
  • You're going to learn about the war of the rosees
  • Why it was called 'the war of the roses' 
  • What happened during this war
  • Why is this of any importance?  

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How does a
war happen?

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The opposing families 

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What made the war of the roses begin?
Everyone wanted a piece of the UK
Noble families fought to become the royals
Royals wanted people to listen to them

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Short explanation: 
  •  The house of York and Lancaster fight 
  • They both want to become new royals in the UK
  • Henry VI became  king but he was of the house Lancaster. 
  • Henry VI became ill and the house of York found a chance to start the fight again 
  • There was peace for a while but.......

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Hoe denk je dat deze oorlog uiteindelijk opgelost is?

Slide 7 - Open question

Remember Romeo and Juliet+ Two princes the tower? 

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Short assignment 1:  
  • Go online and search for the story of Romeo and Juliet
  • Know what happened in this story (in English) 
  •  In one English sentence you need to be able to summarize the story

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Short assignment 2: 
  • Remember the 2 princes in the tower that never were found? 
  • Go online and google for the names of the two princes in the tower.
  • Know what happened to them in 2-3 English sentences  

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The end of the war: 
  • At the end of the war  Edward of the house of  York won a bloody battle and became king. 
  • Edward thought the war was over but people from his own house of York start rebelling against him they wanted Henry VI on the throne. Edward fled to the Netherlands. 
  • When he came back he murdered Henry , imprisoned his mother and became king again

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A happy ending? 
  • Edward died and left 2 sons behind.  One became king and imprisoned his younger brothers in the tower where they were never seen again. 
  • Then the Battle of Bosworth field happened!!!! (a bloody battle indeed) 

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Wat gebeurde er op Bosworth field?
de koning werd vermoord
Het leger van Lancaster werd uitgeroeid.
het leger van York werd uitgeroeid.

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Henry Tudor VII 
Henry Tudor became king after Battle of Bosworth Field. 

Now remember  Romeo and Juliet ? 

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Who were Romeo and Juliet?

Slide 16 - Open question

Happy ending:
  • 2 rival housees
  • a man (king) and a woman who wanted to become queen
  • One York and one Lancaster.
  •  Married--> problem solved!

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