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Read Theory
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Read Theory

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Read Theory: what
Today you will get started with www.readtheory.org

A website that helps you practice your reading skills 
so you can achieve a higher reading level.

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Read Theory: how it works
You will do a pre-test, which will take around 20 minutes. This will determine your reading level now.

Then, the programme will offer you text at and above 
your level. If you improve to a higher level, 
the programme will give you texts of a higher level.

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Read Theory: the rules
  • Score at least 75 (vwo), 65 (Lyceum) knowledge points every week. 

  • Lexile level stays at or above your pre-test level.
If you do a lot of quizzes poorly, without paying attention, you can get enough knowledge points, but your lexile level will go down. Do this with attention and care

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Read Theory: joining!
If you don't have an account yet, go to the next slide and follow the steps.

Go to slide 9.

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Read Theory: log in


Step 2: click on "sign up"

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Read Theory: log in
Step 3: sign up as a student
Step 4:
- Log in with your gmail (easier, recommended)

- Create an account. In this case, username: first name + student number, example: 'Maria2007'
Class code: next slide.

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Step 5: Fill in personal details 

- First name initial: the first letter of your name
- Last name: without 'van', 'de', 'el', ...
- Parental email: your schoolmail
- Age: your real age
- Class code: on the next slide!

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I already have an account
! On your mobile phone, this only works in landscape mode!
 Click on "My teacher"
Enter your classcode (check the previous slide)

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Read Theory class codes

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Read Theory: good to know
Grade level: grade 8 in the USA is the 2nd form in The Netherlands. Grade 12 is 6vwo. 

Lexile level: is about how complex the text is. A text with more difficult words and sentences has a higher lexile level.

Knowledge points: these are given per correct answer, and if you do a text well you can get bonus points.

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Read Theory: good to know
Mastery of ELA Common Core Standards: The questions you answer for each text are divided in three categories 

1) Key ideas and details: search for information in the text. Questions like “How much will the new sneakers cost?” or “Who was the FIRST to finish the exercise?” 

2) Craft and Structure: understand how a text is set up and understand the use of 
certain words and sentences. Questions like “As used in paragraph 5, the word 
noxious most nearly means…?” or “If the following piece of information were 
added to this text, into which paragraph would it fit best?” 

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Read Theory: good to know
3) Integration of knowledge: be able to understand what is meant, what message is being given in the text. Look at the big picture. Questions like “What would be a good title for this text?”  

To get to know more about this tool and really up your reading skills, check out the videos on the next slides.

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You're ready to go!!

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