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History9th Grade

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What is one CONTINUITY between Industrialization and the Age of Imeperialism?

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What is one CHANGE between Industrlization and the Age of Imperialism?

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Imperialism - Scramble for Africa
Watch this edPuzzle and answer the questions 

Answer the following questions thoughtfully

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How were the empires of the late nineteenth century new?

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How did technology help to support imperialism?

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How did capitalism and industrialization create motivations for Europeans to conquer new colonies?

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How does the author argue that racism provided a motivation for Europeans to conquer new colonies?

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Scramble for Africa (2)
Watch this edPuzzle

Thoughtfully address the following questions

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How are “colonialism” and “imperialism” different?

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What were some ways of thinking about the world that supported imperialism?

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What physical tools helped imperial powers to create empires?

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What is gunboat diplomacy?

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What is indirect rule?

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