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Walk Two Moons
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literature exam
Walk Two Moons

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Name people in the book

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Summary. Read and answer questions. 
Salamanca Tree Hiddle is taking a trip with her grandparents from Euclid, Ohio to Lewiston, Idaho, to visit her mother's final resting place. Along the way, Salamanca, or Sal, tells her grandparents the story of her best friend, Phoebe Winterbottom, whose mother, like Sal's, unexpectedly decides to leave home. Sal meets Phoebe when Sal and her father leave their farm in Bybanks, Kentucky, to Euclid, Ohio, where Margaret Cadaver, whom Sal's father befriended after her mother's death, lives. Phoebe is a high-strung, prim, and wildly imaginative girl. She feels certain that some sinister connection exists between the morbidly-named Mrs. Cadaver, who is her next-door neighbor, the mysterious notes that keep appearing on her family's doorstep, and the strange boy, whom Phoebe dubs the lunatic, who appears at the house one day. Sal gradually becomes caught up in her friend's melodrama and finds herself engaged in a heady flirtation with a boy from school, Ben

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who is Margaret Cadaver?
Sals Aunt
Phoebe's next door neighbor
friend of Sals Dad

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What is Sals real name?

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Where is Sal going with her grandparents?

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Sal combines Phoebe's story with memories of her mother, who was a loving, spontaneous, and gentle woman who could not shake off a deep sense of inadequacy(thats shes not good enough) next to her selfless husband. Phoebe's mother shares this sense of alienation (feeling not understood by everyone) . Her family routinely ignores her, and though she works hard as a mother and wife, she wonders at the smallness of her life(feels trapped). By this point in Sal's tale, she and her grandparents have reached South Dakota. They stop to swim in the Missouri River, where a snake bites Gram's leg. Sal and her grandfather rush Gram to the hospital, and although Gram recovers by the next morning, her health begins to falter after this point

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Why is Sal's Mom unhappy?

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Why is Phoebe's mom unhappy?

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One day, Phoebe's mother disappears, leaving no a word of explanation. Phoebe feels certain she has been kidnapped and begins an obsessive investigation for clues. Sal then retells the story of her own mother's disappearance. Sal, playing a good distance from the house, had fallen from the tree and broken her leg. Her mother, who was pregnant, carried Sal home and rushed her to the hospital. Later, she went into an early labor, lost the baby, and nearly lost her life. Overwhelmed with sadness, she insisted on taking a trip by herself to visit a cousin in Lewiston, Idaho. Sal and her grandparents are following the path Sal's mother took on her trip to Idaho.

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Why does Sals mom leave?

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Phoebe's family is growing more and more upset as the days go by, and Mr. Winterbottom, a reserved and stoic man, begins crying one day when Phoebe desperately insists that Mrs. Winterbottom loves her too much to leave without an explanation. Finally, Sal and Phoebe rush over to the police office to offer them the little evidence they have collected. While there, Sal finds that the strange boy, the lunatic, who appeared on the porch earlier, is actually the police sergeant's son. Later that day, Sal discovers that Mrs. Cadaver, whom she resisted and resented due to her friendship with her father, suffered a great loss only a few years prior, when a car accident killed her husband and blinded her mother

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The lunatic is
Thte english teacher
Sals secret brother
the police sergeats son
Mrs Winterbottoms secret son

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Sal and her grandparents take in Old Faithful, and Gram, whose breathing is troubled, revels in the splendor of the powerful geyser. When they leave Yellowstone National Park, Sal resumes her story, driven by a sense of urgency to finish it as soon as possible. Sal and Phoebe determine that the sergeant's son lives at a nearby college campus, and, convinced he holds the key to the mystery, take a bus to visit him. On campus, the two girls find the lunatic and Mrs. Winterbottom sitting on a bench, holding hands. Sal, overwhelmed, runs away as fast as her legs can carry her. She finds herself at a mental hospital, where, to her surprise, she finds Ben and his mother, who is a patient at the hospital. The two young people giddily share a delicious first kiss. Mrs. Winterbottom returns home a few days later and explains to her family that the lunatic is actually her illegitimate son, about whom she had always been afraid to tell her family for fear of letting them down. The Winterbottoms are shaken, but ready to listen to Mrs. Winterbottom. At the same time, Sal decides that she will make amends with Mrs. Cadaver and listen to her story. Mrs. Cadaver explains to Sal that she and Sal's mother became friends on the long bus trip from Ohio to Idaho, and that Mrs. Cadaver and Sal's father became friends because Mrs. Cadaver was the lone survivor of the accident that killed Sal's mother and was able to tell Sal's father about the last days and moments of Sal's mother's life.

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Why did Margaret Cadaver and Sal's Mom and also Dad become friends?
She was Sals teacher
she was survivor of bus crash that killed Mom
She was nice
She lived next door

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This story is a roadtrip from Ohio to Idaho

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Points of interest in the story:
  • Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota
  • Badlands National Park, South Dakota
  • Black Hills, South Dakota
  • Old Faithful, Wyoming
  • Lewiston, Idaho

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The Black Hills are located in which State?
North Dakota
South Dakota

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On page 28 - Chapter 6 Phoebe shares her theory about what happened to Mr. Cadaver. What is it?

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Which lake represents the description of Lake Michigan best from chapter 7?

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The first of many mysterious messages appear in Chapter 9. What does the message say? Add the page number!

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What does the mysterious message in Chapter 11 say? Add page number!

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Which river represents the description of the Missouri river best from chapter 15?

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What does the mysterious message in Chapter 17 say? Add page number!

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Which photo represents the description of the Badlands best from chapter 23?

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Appreciating Myths - Chapters 23-33
A myth is a story whose author is unknown and that explains a people’s belief about nature, an event in history, or the origin of a custom or practice. Myths usually involve gods and heroes. Myths were important both to ancient Greeks and to Native Americans because they explained occurrences in their world. As you read chapters 23–33 of Walk Two Moons, be alert for the myths that surface as the plot unfolds.

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Mystery: Why is the sky so high? What does the myth in the book explain? (pg. 126 Chapter 23)

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What does the mysterious message in Chapter 24 say? Add page number!

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Which photo represents the description of the Black Hills best from chapter 29?

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What is the climax moment in Chapter 31?

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In Chapter 36 you find out the name of the Lunatic. What is it?

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How old is Sal and Phoebe?

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IN Chapter 41 Ben gives Sal a gift. What is it?

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“Don’t judge a man
until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” What does this mean?

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Take note!
  • This story is a story within a story. While Sal is living her story she is also telling a story about Phoebe. A lot of things overlap - take note of the similiarities of their stories. Why are there these similiarities? 
  • The genre of this novel is coming of age - growing up - how can you see Sal grow up throughout the book? Examples.
  • This story is narrated by a first person point of view - You should consider the narrator’s relationship to the other characters and whether the narrator’s interpretation of events and of other characters’ motivations is reliable. 

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