Lesson 3: Types of blood vessels

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-Scrum groups
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Get ready: 
-Scrum groups

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Blood and Circulation 
Chapter 6 (kerboodle)
p78 - 91

Lesson 3: Types of bloodvessels

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Stand up!
Are their any problems?
What do you have ready for the team?
What are you going to do for the team?

Sprint 1 deadline = thursday! 
Make sure everything is ready in your drive folder

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- Veins
- Arteries
- Capillaries

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Blood vessels types
  • Arteries - carry blood away from the heart
  • Veins - Carry blood back to the heart
  • Capillaries - go to every cell in the body (oxygen and co2 exchange)

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  • Elastic walls which stretch
  • They contract and bounce back to force the blood along ('Pulse')

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  • Are wider than arteries
  • Thinner walls
  • pressure is much lower
  • blood is sqeezed along by your muscles 
  • Flow is helped by valves 

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  • Smallest blood vessels
  • Very thin walls
  • Large surface area

  • Easy for gass exchange

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Final project circulation
Video containing the following (3 parts): 

A. Chicken heart dissection (3-5 minutes) 
Discussion of questions from the worksheet

B. A topic from sprint 1 (3-5 minutes)
C. A topic from sprint 2 (3-5 minutes)
Explain it with pictures and/or animations

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oxygen rich from the lungs
oxygen rich to the body
oxygen poor to the lungs
oxygen poor from the body

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Pulmonary vein
Pulmonary artery
Vena cava

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Tricuspid valve
Aortic valve
Pulmonary valve
Mitral valve

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Blood flow through the heart

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Work on sprint 1!

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