2Tvwo §6.2 part 1 Calculating a side and part 2

§6.2 Calculating a side
Do you remember our old, bearded friend from the past?
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§6.2 Calculating a side
Do you remember our old, bearded friend from the past?

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Learning goal:
You will learn how to calculate the length of an

UNKNOWN side of a right-angled triangle

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Who is he?

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§6.2 Calculating a side
Welcome back to: Pythagoras!
Next slide shows us another picture
of this great Maths person

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The theorem of Pythagoras
is about the sides of a right-angled triangle
is used to calculate an unknown side
is invented by Pete Agoras
is more than 2000 years old but still going strong

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The theorem of Pythagoras...
asks for the use of a very handy scheme!

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exercise 6
length side
area square
p = 
.. = 
.. = 

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Let's do exercise 8 together,
start doing 8 a), making a sketch!

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Here is the sketch:

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Now think hard about b:

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answer for b:

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Do c now:
First copy the scheme! Then:

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answer for c:

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Time to do d:

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answer for d:
'exact' is not rounded off!

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Homework time.
Do 0f §6.1 and 6.2 now, 
+  6, 7 and 8
+  make the SCHEME with lengths for every exercise!!
+  remember to place the hypotenuse (=longest side) at the bottom
+ later on this LessonUp is continued

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A few fine points from this paragraph follow now!

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6.2 part 2 How to calculate length BD?!

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We want to calculate BD.
What to calculate first?

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Solution:   First calculate length CD in right-angled triangle ACD.
Then only calculate length BD in right-angled triangle BCD!

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One more new thing from §6.2!

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How (on earth) can you calculate DE or GH?
We do not even have a right-angled triangle! 

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How to calculate these lengths?

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Solution: we make a right-angled triangle ourself!!
With that we can make the SCHEME and calculate the unknown side.
In the next slide you see Pythagoras, going crazy about his Theorem once more...

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Homework time again.
Finish as much as you can!

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