Fairy tale - part 1

the Fairy Tale
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the Fairy Tale

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Which fairytales do
you know?

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How would you describe a fairytale?
What is a fairytale?
Give a few key words.

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"A fairytale is a folktale that uses magic and fantasy, it starts with the sentence: 'once upon a time' and always takes place in a unknown land and time. Most of the time they 'live happily ever after'."

- Wikipedia

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Fairytale Characters
Watch the two fragments and try to remember as 
many fairytale characters as possible. 
You can take notes if you want. 
Post your answers on the next slide. 

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Which fairytale characters
did you just see?

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Fairytale Elements
It usually starts with 


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Fairytale Elements

A fairytale is always fiction and takes place somewhere made-up (land we do not know, time we do not know)

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Fairytale Elements

Good characters & Bad characters
There is a hero, a quest/task/desire, a lesson and/or a villian (the bad guy);

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Fairytale Elements
Story line:

There is a moment where all seems lost and then there is an element of magic or transformation..

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Story line

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Fairytale Elements
(three fairies, three tasks, three brothers)

the number 3

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Fairytale Assignment
Individually OR in groups of 2 or prepare and act out (part of) a fairytale WITHOUT TALKING!

Preparation: 5 minutes
Choose a fairytale, divide up characters 
and decide on who does what

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