Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska
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Looking for Alaska

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-Pre reading questions
1.What do you know about boarding schools in America?
 2.Do you  have any weird or interesting hobbies? 
3.Do you know any famous last words?
4.This book is divided into two parts, before and after 
What event do you think split the story in 2?

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 Genre of the book 

- a coming of age novel.
What does this mean , how do characters in literature go through this process ?

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Coming of age novel
A Novel that focuses on the growth of the protagonist from childhood to adulthood , or coming of age.
The characters usually experience  emotional changes within their own character.

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Homework  22 Jan
Read pp 50-83 ( 84 days before)
Answer  questions 26-37 
What is your Great Perhaps ? 
Reflect on your own life, what are your dreams , aspirations and goals for the future? 

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  Your Great Perhaps
-The search for meaning ,adventure and discovery in life.
-Write a paragraph of 100-150 words about your own Great Perhaps, your coming of age years.

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Write a paragraph of about 100-150 words about your aspirations, hopes, goals and possible changes over the next 6 years during your polytechnic (hbo) education.
Be prepared to share it with 2 classmates.
time :10-15 min

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Discussion Questions 
  • Do your pursuits allign with the theme in Looking for Alaska?
  • What are the commonalities and differences among your aspirations?
  • What role  might the pursuit of their goals play in the characters' lives and decisions?    

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Homework 29 Jan(6-7)
Looking for Alaska :Read pp 83-118 (Christmas) 
                                    Answer questions 38-49 
Fill in character description for Miles, Chip and Alaska
Bring Wasp Reporter

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