Writing a Cover letter

Writing a Cover Letter
(covering letter in British English)

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Writing a Cover Letter
(covering letter in British English)

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In this lesson, we'll focus on things you should be aware of when writing a cover letter. 

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Why are cover letters important?

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What does a cover letter need to contain?

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What is a cover letter? 
  • Narrative complement to your resume.
  • Helps to expand on the experiences you showcased in your resume.
  • Highlights your motivations
  • Showcases your personality and values.

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Purpose of a cover letter
A compelling cover letter answers "Why you?" and "Why them?"

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Making a connection
As individuals, when first meeting someone, we tend like people who are similar to us in some way.
  • Share a story that shows you connect with their brand or their culture
  • Tell them how you came to learn that they were special amongst their competitors
  • Demonstrate why you value them and the work they do


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First paragraph?

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Second/Third paragraph?

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Work together in groups of 3 and come up with possible skills, experiences and personal traits that could be included in your cover letter. 

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Closing paragraph?

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