Week 40 - 1a

English - Year 1
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English - Year 1

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To Do
- Recap vocabulary chapter 1: listening/ spoken interaction
- Online: spoken interaction
- Workbook: spoken interaction.

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Write down in English:

" Leuk je te ontmoeten!"

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Write down in English:

"Het was geweldig."

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What is the English word for: "loopbaanadviseur"?

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What is the English word for: "collega"?

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What is the English word for: " bruisend water " ?

Slide 7 - Open question

Workbook - Spoken Interaction
What: Exercise 1: Read the text and answer the questions.
             Exercise 2: Write the sentences down and say them out loud.
             Exercise 3: Read the instructions and offer each other a drink.

How: Exercise 1 & 2: individually
           Exercise 3: In pairs


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Workbook - Spoken Interaction
Assignment: You're in a pub. Introduce someone and have a                                      drink.

How:  Form groups of 3
            Decide who's A, B, C
            Read and follow the instructions on p. 10.

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 Grammar - Past Simple
Mary walked to school yesterday.

I visited Edinburgh two years ago.

I went to Rome last summer.

Where did you go on holiday last year?

Did you like your first week at school?

Yes, I did! / No, I didn’t!

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Regular Verbs

walk + ed

visit + ed

cry > cried

live + d
Irregular Verbs

Learn by heart!

I always go to work by train, but I went by car yesterday.

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Grammar - Past Simple
Which verbs are in the past simple?
1. We were at a restaurant.
2. I didn’t say anything. I just gave her the ring.
3. We met at art school.
4. Luckily, she smiled.
5. I accepted, but I didn’t tell him
6. He tried to stop me.

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Workbook - Spoken Interaction
What: Exercise 4: which English words for jobs do you know?                                             Write down 10 jobs.
             Exercise 5: write down the sentences in English and 
                                     practise them saying out loud.
How: Individually

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Workbook - Spoken Interaction
Assignment: Which jobs have you had or would you like to have?
                           Then work in pairs and ask and answer the                                              questions.

How: in pairs.

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- Practise the words from listening an spoken interaction in the online wordtrainer.

- Bring your workbook to class next week.


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