circulatory system - 3 - the heart

Circulatory system
par 3 - the heart
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Circulatory system
par 3 - the heart

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The heart 
- is a double pump
 - left side pumps oxygen rich
    blood (red) towards your
- right side pumps oxygen
   poor blood (blue) towards
   your lungs 

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left = right
Yes, in the picture the left side is blue - this indicates oxigen poor blood, but actually it is the right side of the heart
We always see the heart from the front, but we consider it our own heart.
When I raise my right hand, you will not say that it is my left hand...

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The heart
- four chambers
- 2 atria
- 2 ventricles

Blood always enters the heart via an atrium

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Bloodflow in the heart is a 
one-way street.
It follows the direction of the arrows

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How is it possible that blood only flows one way?
of the blood pressure
blood cells know how to flow
there are valves
how the heart contracts

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Valves only open in one way,
just like a door, if you push from one side the door opens easily, but if you push from the other side you will push it even closer...

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one way valve
As you can see, a valve only opens in one direction

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cardiac cycle
- atria contract, blood flows into 
   ventricles (atrial systole)

- ventricles contract, blood 
   flows into aorta and pulmonary 
   artery (ventrical systole)

- Heart relaxes, blood flows 
   into atria (diastole)

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Coronary blood vessel
Like everything else in the body, the heart needs oxygen. It gets oxygen through its own blood vessels. 
Those come from the aorta --> coronary arteries.
 When has brought oxygen to the heart muscle, the deoxygenated blood goes back the right atrium. 
The vessels that bring blood back are called coronary veins.

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Put the texts underneath the corresponding picture.
Cardiac pause - heart fills with blood
Atria contract
Cardiac pause - heart fills even more with blood
Ventricles contract
Blood flows into arteries

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The heart pumps oxygen rich blood into the?
Superior vena cava
Pulmonary arteries
Aorta and pulmonary arteries

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Look at the picture. You see the coronary artery being blocked causing a heart attack. Explain in your own words what happens with a heart attack.

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study par3,3 - the heart
learn 3.1 to 3.5 
do ex 10,11,12,15,16

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