Case study: heart attack and arrythmia

Case 1: heart attack
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Case 1: heart attack

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Look up the difference between arteries and veins. Explain in your own words what the difference is.

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Coronary blood vessel
Like everything else in the body, the heart needs oxygen. It gets oxygen through its own blood vessels. Those come from the aorta and are called coronary arteries. When has brought oxygen to the heart muscle, the deoxygenated blood goes back the right atrium. The vessels that bring blood back are called coronary veins.

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Look at the picture. You see the coronary artery being blocked causing a heart attack. Explain in your own words what happens with a heart attack.

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Case 2: arrythmia

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Heart contaction
Contraction = tensing the muscle

Heart contraction happens in different phases. This causes the blood to flow from atria to ventricles, into the arteries.

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Put the texts underneath the corresponding picture.
Cardiac pause - heart fills with blood
Atria contract
Cardiac pause - heart fills even more with blood
Ventricles contract
Blood flows into arteries

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Explain what arrythmia is and why it is a problem.

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To Do
  1. Read Basic 5
  2. Do Assignment 25

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