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Waar moet jij aan denken bij het woord 'taaldorp Engels' (in English - language village) ?

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Language village (taaldorp)
This period you are going to Breul on the Hill  in test week 3. This is a village in England, close to London, where you have to go to several shops and other places. In pairs you will show how well you can speak English! You will be marked by the teachers that visit Breul on the Hill. This will be your mark in the test week.

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The 6 situations
1. Shopping at Harrods
2. The Ticket box 
3. The Doctor
4. A Youth Hostel
5. An Outdoor Activity Center
6. The Police Station

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Why do you think learning
how to speak English fluently
is useful (and fun :) ?

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Speaking goals period 3 
You can talk for 5 minutes in English, without any Dutch words
 You can use the present simple and the past simple (including irregular verbs) correctly 
 You speak politely (I would like, please, thank you…)
 You can use a lot of words that have to do with the 6 situations 
 You use sentences of about 6 words or sometimes more
 you use words like and, but and because in your sentences
 Your pronunciation is okay, th (think, those) and æ (black, hat)

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Grammar goals 
 You know how to form the present and past simple and you can use it in your speaking
 You know the exceptions to the rules
 You know the irregular verbs 
 You can use the irregular verbs in a sentence (written and spoken)

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vocab goals
 You know many words that have to do with language village
 You choose the correct words to use when speaking
 You know how to pronounce and spell the words
 You can use the words in a sentence when speaking

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Let's link together

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Where you can go shopping for souvenirs, clothes and more
Where you can buy tickets to see a musical in London
where you go for a fun and sporty day out 
When you have health problems
Where young people can stay during their holiday
Where you go to report a crime
outdoor activity center

At the doctor
The ticket box
The police station
Shopping at Harrods
Youth hostel

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It's a match!
1. Shopping at Harrods, where you can buy clothes & other souvenirs
2. The Ticket box, where you can buy tickets for a musical and ask for advice on which musical to see
3. The Doctor, who can help you with your health-related problems
4. A Youth Hostel, where you help people with their stay in Breul on the Hill and give advice to the people on holiday
5. An Outdoor Activity Centre, to plan an active day out
6. The Police Station, to report a crime

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How to get started
Next week you'll start with a 'check' in class - a diagnostic assignment to see where you stand. For speaking, this is -> at the Supermarket, reader p.8.
For using the past simple and irregular verbs you'll take a diagnostic test. This is also the time to refresh your memory on the Present Simple!

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at the supermarket 

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What next?
Go to MagisterMe -> period 3 Language village -> and download the reader for period 3. Save it in your English folder in your OneDrive :)

1. Open the reader and scroll to page 8. Make a Quizlet list on words (+- 15 words) you think of when you think of shopping at the supermarket. 
2. Scroll all the way down to the vocab list. Start checking the words you already know, and translate (vertalen) the ones you don't know yet. Good luck!

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