V5 Recap Old English, Renaissance & Romantic Period

Old English Period, Renaissance & Romantic Period

Add the things you learn in this to your summary/ timeline!
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Old English Period, Renaissance & Romantic Period

Add the things you learn in this to your summary/ timeline!

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Voor het SE (week 12)
Per tijdsperiode kan je beantwoorden:
1. Wat waren de belangrijke ontwikkelingen politiek, religieus en/of cultureel? + (Welke personen waren belangrijk)
2. Hoe herken je de literatuur uit deze periode? Wat zijn de kenmerken van deze literatuur?
3. Kan je schrijvers en verhalen noemen uit deze periode? Weet je waar deze verhalen/gedichten over gaan?

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Old English Period (450 - 1066)
- Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Jutes.
- Anglo-Saxons had the most influence, language and religion
- Introduced oral literature: battle songs, epic poetry
Most important literature: Beowulf.
- Epic poem
- Beowulf (hero) defeats a monster (Grendel)
- alliteration

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Middle English Period (1066 - 1499)
- William the Conqueror  made French important
- rhyme instead of alliteration.
- Poetry is about love and adventure. (Romance & Ballad)
- Church starts producing plays
Most important literature: The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
- Collection of stories about pilgrims. 
- Each Pilgrim tells a different story. 

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Renaissance (1500- 1660)
- Henry VIII (Reformation) - >  Bloody Mary -> Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabethan Period)
- Renaissance: religion less important, more interest in the classics and the pursuit of knowledge. 
- Important literature: plays & sonnets. 
Most important author: Shakespeare

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Renaissance Literature (1500- 1660)
- Plays could either be tragedies (Romeo & Juliet), comedies (Much Ado about Nothing), or histories (Antony and Cleopatra).
- Lyric poetry that came from England.
- About love and beauty.
- Rhyme scheme: ABAB-CDCD-AFAF-GG
Other writers: Christopher Marlowe (Rival), John Donne.

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Romantic Period (1789- 1832)
- French revolution, War of Independence, Industrial Revolution - Romantic poetry about  nature, simple people, 'pure emotions'.
- Poetry still uses rhyme, but  less structure rules.
- Gothic Novels 
Important Poets: 
- Wordsworth & Coleridge (First Romantic poets)
- Shelley, Lord Byron, Keats (the later Romantic trio)

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Voorbeeld SE vraag 
Schrijf goedlopend verslag waarin je de Renaissance uitlegt. Onderstreep de volgende belangrijke aspecten in je verslag:
- 2 socioeconomische/politieke eigenschappen van de periode
-  1 literaire eigenschap
- 1 belangrijke schrijver
- Titel van zijn/haar belangrijkste verhaal/gedicht
- 2 argumenten waarom dit verhaal typisch is voor de periode.

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Write your report about the Renaissance.

Slide 11 - Open question

Pauze (5m) tussen de uren of eerder klaar?
Eerder klaar

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Was this a good poem?
Why (not)?

Slide 14 - Mind map

Magister agenda huiswerk
Open het bestand V5 poetry assignment

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In a word document, write down the English terms for the words on page 4. 
Then, find examples of things like metaphor, simile, alliteration in The Hill we Climb:

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Example of Imagery/Figure of Speech in the hill we climb?

Slide 17 - Open question