How to form sentences in English

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Welcome peer students!

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Goals for today: At the end of this class..
  1. I recapped the rules of making sentences in English.
  2. What an adjective is.
  3. I know what an object pronoun is.
  4. I know how to form questions and negatives.

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Keep in mind!

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In an English sentence, words are placed in a certain order. A positive sentence usually has:
Subject (who) 
Verb (does)
Object (what)
Place (where) 
Time (when).

Tip:  Remember the basic order of positive sentences by asking this: Who does what where when?

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Put the following sentence into the correct order:
I / my umbrella / on the bus / left

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What is a pronoun?

Slide 6 - Mind map

Subject pronouns
You already know you usually use a subject pronoun at the beginning of a sentence or just before the verb.

Example: He cycles to school everyday!

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Today: We are going to talk about
1. Object pronouns
2. Interrogative pronouns

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(1) Object pronouns
Object pronouns are pronouns that receive the action in a sentence.

  1. Do you like him?
  2. Miss Valstar is talking to her.
  3. Mister Kappenburg likes us.

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(2) Object pronouns
You usually use an object pronoun at the end of the sentence or just after the main verb. You also use object pronouns just after prepositions such as to or for.
  1. She is baking for him.
  2. He says something to you.

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Next! Interrogative pronouns?

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Interrogative pronouns
  1. What is an interrogative pronoun?

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(2) Interrogative pronouns
To ask a question, you often use interrogative pronouns. These words are usually found at the beginning of the sentence.

1. What kind of interrogative pronouns do we have?

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The question words --> Interrogative pronouns 🎈🎉

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(3) Interrogative pronoun
Note! Which is only used when there are few choices. Otherwise you use what. 

For example: What colour are your eyes?

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Everyone likes .............

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Harry Jones made some pancakes for .......

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Which question word do we need to use?
.............. are you today?
I am fine thanks.

Slide 18 - Open question

Is this correct?
He says something to you.

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fill in the correct question word:
.......... did you not do your homework?

Slide 20 - Open question

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