romeo and juliet 3

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read p. 52: second column, bottom
very impatiently Juliet is awaiting the return of the nurse....
read from: now good sweet nurse....until the end of this scene (Act 2, scene 5)

What is the nurse's attitude like?
And Juliet's?
What is the nurse's answer to Juliet's question? (lines 67 ff)

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watch the next video and read along.
start at line 47 What says he of our marriage...

underline striking quotes

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Watch the marriage scene

Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry them?

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Now watch the next video, it is the beginnig of Act 3, scene 1

Who is who?
what is it about?

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Now watch the next video, it is the beginnig of Act 3, scene 1
"by my head., here come the my heel, I care not........"

Who is who?
what is it about?

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Now watch the rest of the video and read along in your reader, p. 53, bottom left column

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read a little bit further.

Why does Romeo say: I love thee better than thou canst devise? ( line68)

then carry on reading along with the next video

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we are now at line 123

underline the phrases where Mercutio is still making jokes whereas he is dying.

What does he accuse Romeo of?

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How does Romeo react?
carry on reading
the next video starts at : Mercutio's soul is but a little way above our heads (line 124, bottom right column p. 53)

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Slide 16 - Video

How does this scene end?

What does Benvolio say? Why?

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